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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn.

At Black Men's Therapy Foundation we are what we do—our four founding values drive our programming and actions; community-based systems of care, a willingness to center joy in our work together, transformative and restorative justice frameworks, and accountability.

Launched amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by Jah Grey, the Black Men's Therapy Foundation addresses the critical need for accessible mental wellness services for Black men, driven by the understanding that economic barriers, stigma, and systemic challenges have historically limited their access to mental health support. Rooted in principles that emphasize mental health's importance to overall well-being and the universal right to happiness and health, the initiative aims to provide culturally sensitive healing practices and holistic wellness programs. These are designed to empower Black men to navigate their mental health journeys, fostering resilience, healing, and community centered approaches to care and joy. 


Our Mission

We address the unique mental health needs of Black men across identities and intersections by providing them the tools, the resources and the experiences to build self love and deeper connection to those around them. Our comprehensive programming, which is grounded in Black-Afro-centric knowledge and community-centered approaches to care, entails workshops, nature experiences, dialogue, individualized support, and advocacy delivered in tandem with partners and collaborators across sectors.

Our Vision

We wholeheartedly envision a future where Black boys and men embrace the full spectrum of their identities, transcending traditional notions of masculinity, empowered by inclusivity, and supported with grace, redemption, and self-discovery. Our work is directly informed by, and explicitly aims to serve, Black men who face multiple marginalized identities, including Black men with disabilities, neurodivergence, and those who identify as LGBTQ2S+. We remain committed to promoting equity and accountability, fostering joy, creating intentional spaces, and curating inclusive ecosystems of support for Black men and their communities.

Our Funders, Partners & Collaborators

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