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Our programming aims to remove barriers that Black men face in getting access to or staying connected with emotional care and healing through showcasing the importance of cultivating positive and healthier relationships with other men,  intentional care, and fostering environments where we can all feel safe enough to hold and share the parts of ourselves that we so desperately want to dispose of or hide. In addition, we create programming that supports men by encouraging reflection on how they can advocate for themselves by challenging and expanding their understanding of masculinity and identity beyond societal concepts of gender, focusing on the linkages between storytelling and mental health, confronting harmful narratives and constructing alternative stories that lead to healthier perspectives.

Our workshops are designed to:

  • Reflective dialogues and emotional literacy building sessions that look into the connection between mental health and unhealthy identities within Black masculinity while providing participants with the tools to challenge unhealthy identities within themselves and their communities. 

  • Creating dialogues about transformative approaches to masculinity, and the barriers Black men face with accessing mental health supports and the necessary tools we need to navigate our lives.

  • addressing intersections of oppression, including anti-Black racism, in connection with mental wellness

  • Mental health/capacity knowledge 

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